Book Review Guidelines

We invite the submission of book reviews for publication.  Please consult the guidelines and list below to see books available for review. We also welcome your suggestions for books published within the last two years and will request any book that you are interested in reviewing from the publisher if we do not have it. Book review submissions are due by January 15 for publication in the Spring and by July 15 for publication in the Fall issue.  They should be submitted as an electronic MS Word file emailed to Erin Redihan, Book Reviews Editor, at

  • Each review should be 1,000 – 3,000 words

  • Include your name, position, and institution affiliation (if applicable) for your by-line.


       e.g., Jane Doe is an assistant professor of History at Bowdoin College.


  • Review Heading: Author. Title. Place: Publisher, Year. Pages. (Binding).


       e.g., Michael Perlman. Emancipation and Reconstruction: 1862-1879. Arlington Heights, IL: Harlan                   Davidson, 1987. 150 pages. (paperback).


  • You are welcome to submit two reviews per issue.

Book Review Request Form

List of Books for Review

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