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Our Sponsors

New England History Teachers Association

The New England Teachers Association publishes The New England Journal of History twice annually. Founded in 1897, the NEHTA is the nation’s oldest association of teachers of history and social studies welcomes to its membership all persons interested in this field of education. Each year, the NEHTA sponsors meetings dealing with topics of special interest to its constituency, and joins with other associations and groups in promoting those interests. The NEHTA is a founding member of the National Council for the Social Studies and remains its senior affiliate. In addition to the Journal, the NEHTA publishes the NEHTA Newsletter and Forum twice a year. It offers short articles of current concern, resources for those involved in teaching history, and the latest NEHTA news. Annually, the NEHTA presents the Kidger Award for outstanding contributions to research, teaching, and service to the profession. The NEHTA also presents the annual Laska Award for undergraduate research.

Dean College


Dean College provides an institutional home for The New England Journal of History and supports the Journal through its Humanities Program. Dean is a four-year liberal arts college located in Franklin, Massachusetts. Founded in 1865, Dean's story has been interwoven with the history of New England. The College has housed the Journal's archives and helped to support its website since 2016. College faculty and student interns have played key roles in efforts to digitize the Journal. The partnership between Dean and the NEJH is currently focused on developing and implementing high quality digital history and public history projects.  

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